Thursday, December 6, 2012


You're such a naughty girl


If  you're like me then I assume you appreciate 
the hot and sexy things that our shores cant provide. No I do not mean the gorilla in the image above.... you guys are sick. I am talking about Fist of The North Star:Ken's Rage 2 (Shin Hokuto Musou) which is a Japanese title for the XBOX 360. I hope you don't sit around waiting for localization on this one because I am sure it will not happen, that is why I started the import of the month so you horny apes can get your banana's wet. The following is Play Asia's description of the game and if you like Dynasty Warriors, Devil May Cry style games with lots of
ass kicking then this ones for you. 



Description taken from Play-Asia:

This is Hokuto Musou in its truest form. This game is a re-imagination of the existing title. Characters resemble their manga and anime counterparts even more, and fans of the series can live through the earth shaking battles they have seen.

Fight the Hokuto, Nanto and the Special way, but personalize your style as you develop your character. The Legend Mode returns, but it will be expanded to include even more content.

The Dream Mode has more scenarios for the recurring cast. Some of these are written specifically for this game to explain the origins of Hokuto Shinken to add to the depth of the series.


Don't worry PlayAsia is a reputable site, I know because I use them all the time. There you have this month's import. What are you waiting for you damn dirty ape!
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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Years Best Games 2012


The years almost over and with it came a slew of games that gamers will remember for quite a while. We've seen the launch of the PlayStation Vita, Nintendo's 3DS XL, and the anticipated High Definition console the Wii U. Apple also introduced a new version of the iPad with retina display as well as the iPhone 5. Now whether or not you consider gaming on a phone or a tablet relevant, let me just say that many console developers are actually switching from home consoles to the mobile gaming platforms. Epic Game's Infinity Blade and Rovio's Angry birds are some of the top contenders on iOS. TellTale games just released The Walking Dead which was currently only available for Xbox 360, ps3, and PC. Now any proud Mac owner can bask in the awesomeness that is The Walking Dead. Enough of my rambling about fancy shmancy electronics lets talk about the years best games.

XBOX 360: The game XBOX 360 owners have been waiting for. Halo 4 once again puts you  in control of the badass Master Chief. 343 Industries continues the story that Bungie, the original creators of the Halo series ended with Halo 3. Awesome graphics, story and solid multiplayer makes Halo 4 a must have for fans of the series. Check out the gameplay and decide for yourself.

 XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii U:  The second installment in the Treyarch crafted Black Ops series changes the game, and continues its dominance as the most played multiplayer title ever. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is set in the distant future where humans rely on machines to protect them. What if some baddy takes control of those machines and turns them against us? Well that's the story that Treyarch tells with this installment but, you and I know the best thing about the COD titles are the multiplayer. Treyarch switches things up here with the introduction of the Pick 10 system allowing you to pick 10 load outs. New kill streaks have been added and a bad ass futuristic arsenal that's gonna leave your hands sore. Character customization, clan tags, and emblem customization are all there. Zombies and a futuristic version of the fan favorite Nuke Town map has been added.  Now you can get back to making images of naked ladies for the world to see as you demolish noobs and vets alike. HOOOOAHH!
XBOX 360, PS3, Wii U, coming soon to PC: Fans of the Assassins creed series hail AC3 the best Assassins creed to date. You play as a Native American by the name of Connor during the Revolutionary War slicing and dicing everyone that gets in your way. Ubisoft layed all of their cards on the table finishing Desmond's story and providing the rich open world experience you would expect from Assassins Creed. The game is running on the Frost Byte 2 engine, similar to the engine that the Call of Duty contender Battlefield 3 ran on. The visuals in AC3 are stunning. Ubisoft has thrown in Naval battles on top of the classic stealth assassin gameplay making Assassins Creed 3 a must have title for fans. The game has been said to be over 15 hours so its definitely worth the measly 60 bucks you were going to waste at the strip club with Jeff. Go to your local game store and make it rain.

XBOX 360, PS3, PC: Its been a while since fans of Far Cry have gotten a taste of the lush green tropical islands and sneaking up on unsuspecting rebels looking to make a little money to feed their families. Far Cry 3 is the Far Cry you have been waiting for. Jaw dropping graphics, amazing story, and intense multiplayer its all there. Not much of a fan myself but there's a strong following and this one might just interest you. Check out IGN's review below.
PSVITAWhat can I say about Sony's amazing handheld the PlayStation Vita?  Well the Vita has Gaemz.  LBP Vita is the definitive version of Little Big Planet. Tarsier Studios and Double 11 have taken Media Molecules creation and perfected it and placed it in the palm of your hands. Everything you expect from Little Big Planet has been crammed into the Vita leaving nothing behind. If you're lucky like me to have a Vita make sure you pick this one up. Check out the review sackboys and sackgirls.
Assassins Creed 3: Liberation
PSVITA: A full fledged Assassins Creed in the palm of your hands. First in Assassins Creed history, you play as a Woman named Aveline during the slave trade in New Orleans. Ubisoft Montpelier brings you a complete Assassins Creed and shoves it in the Vita's hole and you get to enjoy ever minute of it. Ever want to be an African American woman in a assassins outfit with a French accent?
XBOX 360, PS3, PC, MAC, IOS: Well fans of The Walking Dead television series on AMC will be glad to know that there is also an amazing game created by TellTale Games. The Walking Dead does not stay true to the television series, instead it gets its inspiration from the visual novels. The Walking Dead is a point and click, quicktime driven game that delivers in terms of story and gameplay. The game is tailored to your play style which means the story changes based off of the choices you make. You play as Lee Everett and well you know, you take hungry zombies out to dinner. BRAIIIIIINS! Fortunately you can pick up all 5 episodes of season 1. Be careful guys because this one is said to make the toughest guy cry a river. The Walking Dead is currently up for Game of the Year. What are you waiting for?.. a zombie apocalypse?
IOS, ANDROID: Angry birds fans rejoice. Angry Birds Star wars has been unleashed onto your mobile phone of choice. There's just something about these damn birds that keeps me downloading these games. If you mastered the force that was Angry Birds: Space then you can travel farther into the galaxy with this one. "Luke I am your father."
3DS: What can be better than more Mario? If you want to know then its GOLD! lots and lots of gold. Traditional Mario platformer  where Mario has an addiction to the infamous drug bullion. Get ready to get some booty.
PC: Dungeon crawler fans rejoice. One of the years most anticipated PC games is upon us. Nuff said.
XBOX 360, PS3, PCClaptrap is back in Borderlands 2. More weapons, 4 player co-op and more weapons, makes Borderlands 2 the perfect game for your arsenal. Loads of DLC and over 100 hours of gameplay and you'll be more than satisfied with this one. Make sure you don't forget to get up off of the couch and eat for god sakes.
XBOX 360, PS3, PC: New IP's are always welcomed and Ubisoft does an amazing job of delivering. Dishonored reminds me of Bioshock  and that's a good thing. you take control of a assassin with supernatural powers, who has a job akin to a contract killer. You have a list, you wipe em out, end of story. Few new IP's fail to do what Dishonored does so elegantly. Fans of the stealth genre will love this one. !
PS3, PSVITA: Sony's version of Super Smash Bros.  PSAS offers PlayStation fans something they have been waiting for years, a 4 player brawler starring PlayStation mascots and 3rd party characters like Metal Gear Solids cyborg ninja Raiden, Bioshock's BigDaddy, and Devil May Cry's Dante. What's good about this title is Sony offers Cross Buy, which means if you buy the PS3 version you get the PSVita version free of charge digitally from the PSN store. You can even battle it out against players on the PlayStation 3 even if you only own the Vita version.With 20 characters and more coming as DLC, you cant afford to pass this one up.
XBOX 360, PS3, PSVITA, PC, IOS:  No this is not the old Need For Speed Most Wanted.Criterion the developers of Burnout Paradise have taken EA's long time racing franchise and turned it up a notch. You want to drive it, like you stole it?
Wii U: Ubisoft unleashes the zombies in this survival horror masterpiece exclusively for the Wii U. Fans of classic Resident Evil will love this one.
Alright guys and gals, sure there are a bunch more games than that released this year but, These are the top sellers and I'd probably go crazy trying to list them all. Christmas is coming up so if you haven't had the time to play them, you can ask your mate to pick them up for you. isn't love grand?
 Comment and tell us what games you think were some of the best of 2012? or the worst?
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